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We’re nearing the 10th Annual Conference and I hope you are all really considering attending as I think not only will there be great training going on with outstanding presenters, but this is a great way to meet people who are working on the same issues as you.  As we’ve always said, Crime Prevention is Everybody’s Business.  This continues to be truer every year.  Also, this is a time for people from many disciplines to get to know each other and work together to make things better.  When I was a detective one major thing I learned was the more people I could get to know that were doing a job similar to mine, the better.  Also it was imperative to my success to know resources on every level that I could turn to for advice and information when I hit a brick wall.  I also learned that a community solves AND prevents crime not a citizen or the police department or the court or any single entity. Overlap is what we continually need.

This year the Association, in partnership with AARP; the Attorney General’s Office; the Commissioner of Securities and Insurance, MT State Auditor; the Division of Banking and Financial Institutions; the SMP (Senior Medicare Patrol); and the Federal Trade Commission; provided training for the public in Bozeman, Butte, Havre, and Missoula.  This training was four hours long and included three hours on fraud prevention and one hour on brain health.  It was well received and averaged 200 attendees at each conference.  We also trained 46 police officers, gambling commission investigators, border patrol, and adult protective services. The law enforcement training was POST certified and took a full day.  In addition, we were represented at a DCI training that was sponsored by FINRA and the National White Collar Crime Center.  This again, was a training for law enforcement.

Training should be a big part of what we do and having partners like these assures that we will providing the right information to the right people.  We will be having a pre-conference training session on October 4 highlighting Elder Crime and it’s prevention.  It will be a comprehensive look into a crime that AARP has deemed the number one concern of seniors in Montana.  Seventy seniors attended a panel on just elder abuse, neglect and financial exploitation last week at the Governor’s Conference on Aging held in Billings last week and provided excellent feedback that we were on the mark with the topic.  Please if you have the time, sign up for this important class.

Alex E. Ward, CPP


Example of information shared in Financial Fraud Seminars.  (30 minute Aging Horizon video)

Current Council Members

President                     Alex E Ward, CPP – Bellevue Police Department (Ret)                

Vice-President            Robert Scheben – Missoula Police Dept.

Secretary                      Mark Thatcher – MT Board of Crime Control

Treasurer                      Sharmon Brougham – retired

Council Member         Coleen Smith – Youth Connections Coalition

Council Member         Derek VanLuchene – Ryan United 

Council Member         Kevin Dusko – MT Dept. of Transportation

Council Member          Jimm Kilmer – Butte-Silver Bow LED

Council Member          Dan Haffey –  Butte Cares, Inc

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