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Message from the President                                            

Hope the cold weather isn't getting to you this week.  Looks like it could have been colder if you look at last week in the mid west. 

We've been getting a fair amount of email at our email (mtcrimepreventionassn@gmail.com).  A lot of people from various drug and alcohol treatment organizations that are trying to get information to people about drug and alcohol abuse.  You'll find that information as well as a great deal of other information on our "Get the Facts" page.  It also includes information from the Center for Disease Control about their ACES research.  There are also direct links to state agency programs to help reduce different types of crimes. 

 You'll notice that I have the International CPTED Association conference in 2019 listed in our calendar.  This year it will be in Cancun, Mexico.  These conferences include people from all over the world and share things that are expanding the concept every year.  Two years ago (the ICA conference is every two years) in Calgary there were about 50 people from 17 countries.  The contingent from Mexico was discussing teaching students in public schools CPTED and allowing them to have input into redesigning their schools to be safer.

Hope you're having a great 2019!

Alex E. Ward, CPP

 Board Certified in Security Management (American Society for Industrial Security)




MCPA in conjunction with the Yellowstone County DUI Task Force and Q2 produced these DUI PSA's.  They paint a sad picture of DUI in Montana and have been viewed on television as well as on you tube.  This is one way we can educate folks as to things they need to know about crime.





Here's the latest Aging Horizon's show that the Crime Prevention Association was interviewed on. "Fraud"  it aired 12/12/2018

Aging Horizons.

Paul Greenwood on Selecting a Caregiver.

Aspire 211 interview with Paul Greenwood on Elder Abuse.

Current Council Members

President           Alex E Ward, CPP – Bellevue PD (ret)                             

Vice-President Robert Scheben – Missoula County SO                                  

Secretary          Mark Thatcher – MT Board of Crime Control                                        

Treasurer          Sharmon Brougham - retired

Council              Adam Greenwell - Pastor