New Donation Button

After a long series of preparation, we have added a donation button to our web site.  If you chose to donate it must be with a credit/debit card or pay pal account.  This was a proposal of Council Member Mark Thatcher as he finds it easy to donate when all he has to do is press a button and enter information online.  I hope he is right and, if you like this site and the purpose of the Crime Prevention Association, that you will donate to our cause.

We currently have to apologize for our donation button.  It only resides on our support us page because we can’t get it to look right.  We’re working on it, but so far no luck.  Obviously we want you to donate to use if you feel so inclined and we have to assure you that the donation button DOES work, it just looks funny.  Sorry!

Training and answering questions for people is what we’re about.

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