CPTED training resource

Crime Prevention

BJA NTTAC works with law enforcement and other justice agencies in their efforts to incorporate programs for reducing or removing opportunities to commit crime through:

  • Data collection and analysis,
  • Accurate identification of problems,
  • Development of crime control objectives and strategies, and
  • Implementation of strategies developed.

BJA NTTAC supports law enforcement executives and communities in the search for the information, tools, and resources needed to collaborate in their crime prevention efforts. These crime prevention activities may be general in nature or may focus on community-specific issues or needs.

Our Work

  • To illustrate the reach and work of BJA NTTAC, TTA providers undertook a collaborative, multidisciplinary effort to address crime in Gary, Indiana, by adopting strategies including Crime Analysis on Demand to improve law enforcement data analysis of high-crime neighborhoods, the implementation of CPTED strategies, and the adoption of a community revitalization plan where community leaders and citizens work alongside one another to improve blighted areas of the city on a regular basis. Learn more about our crime prevention work in Gary.

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